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Too much of a good thing

For those of you who struggle to touch your toes, I doubt you think that too much flexibility is a bad thing. In working with Jaime I’ve discovered that there can be too much of a good thing.

At my training session the other day I was complaining about a trouble spot in my upper back/shoulders. “Right there?” asks Jaime as he zeros in on the spot. Turns out my scapula (shoulder blade) is hyper-flexible and the muscles around the scapula have trouble stabilizing it. The resulting is an irritated nerve that causes a sore spot that has been flaring up for a couple of years.

Jaime’s given me some exercises to strengthen the area as well as tips on how to treat it or do self care when it does flare up. I’ll likely have to stay on top of this trouble spot in the years ahead, but having the knowledge to take care of it myself is makes dealing with the occasional pain much less frustrating.

As I’ve been learning from Jaime, listening to your body is the first step to taking care of yourself. Listen and be good to yourself.

In health,


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Meal Planning Strategies For Busy People.

One of the most consistent questions I get from clients is about meal planning,so that they can make good eating decisions through out their day. 70% of you success in fitness and body fat loss is from the food choices you make. Wow 70% is a big number don’t you think you should address this!!

People are generally creatures of habit and do not change their eating habits very often so chosing recipes that you enjoy should be relatively easy.  I find that cooking on Sunday is the best strategy to prepare your weeks worth of lunches, also picking up enough fruits and veggies for your snacks and getting them ready. The goal is 5 fruits and veggies a day.

I chose three lunch items to prepare for that week. If breakfast is tough to get in the morning  because of time I suggest a shake and will give you a recipe I use and enjoy. Remember you can change the recipes to suit your taste and you should really find something you enjoy eating.

I love cashew chicken salad it is easy to make stays fresh and is yummy. You can make it on bread or I like to put it on a warm tortilla.

Chicken cashew salad Recipe

2 Chicken breast

1/4 tbsp mixed herbs

1/2 cup of grapes

1/4 cup of celery

1/4 cup chopped cashews

1 Tbsp Mayo(you can substitute this)

I cook up two chicken breast lightly seasoned with herbs. I then cut up cashews, red grapes, celery and the cooked chicken. I put all of those ingredients in a bowl and then add mayonnaise and stir. Put it in a container and put in in your fridge so it is ready to go for your quick and easy lunch. That’s lunch option one.

I also like egg salad sandwiches.

Recipe for egg salad

6 eggs hard boiled

2 pickles

1/4 cup olives

1/4 cup onions

1 tbsp mayonnaise (you can substitute)

Start with boiling the eggs for 12 min. Then cut up your eggs, pickles, olives and onions. Put all of those ingredients in a bowl and add your mayonnaise. Put this into a container and put it in your fridge you are ready with lunch option number two.

The third recipe I make I chose from The whole life nutrition cookbook by Tom Malterre and Alissa segersten. My favorite is the chicken varde enchiladas and the Thai chicken curry. Go to the website below to order this wonderful cook book and guide to better eating and smarter whole food choices. check out their blog too.

Health and Exercise Prescriptions Breakfast shake recipe

I made this recipe up because sometimes it is hard to get breakfast eaten so now I just drink my breakfast.

Jaime’s Breakfast

1/4 cup cooked steel-cut oats

2 cups unsweetened almond milk

1 banana

1/4 cup blueberries

1/4 cup mango

1 Tbsp Peanut butter

1/2 Tbsp Barleans complete omega flax, cod liver oil, borage oil

1 scoop  Protein powder 

Then you just puree it until it is evenly mixed, pour and enjoy a super nutrient packed breakfast shake. You can add all sorts of other nutrients to this shake like liquid vitamins, berry greens, Chopped flax.

Well I hope you are able to come up with your own plan of attack now to optimize your nutrition. If you have any questions about diet and exercise please contact me at  I can help you reach your health and fitness goals.


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Jaime J. Hernandez


What Does Your Heart Rate Have To Do With Calories Burned And Fat Loss?

It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body fat.

First thing we need to discuss is why you should  wear a heart rate monitor and how will that help you to reach your goal of body fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning.

Heart rate determines the intensity your body is experiencing during a workout, and your heart rate also equates to calories burned.

The investment in a heart rate monitor is invaluable. Your heart rate gives you a good idea how intense the exercise you are performing is on your body. Your heart rate is reciprocal to calories burned.If your heart rate is high you burn more calories than if it is low. (If you are on Medications or have a metabolic disorder your heart rate will not perform the same as a “normal” individuals. Always consult your Doctor before starting an exercise program.)

It is a good idea to track your average heart rate when you are weight training or doing cardiovascular exercise with a heart rate monitor to help calculate intensity.

There are different types of heart rate monitors. I recommend the brand Polar  heart rate I use the heart rate monitor model FS2 with two parts; a watch  and chest strap it seems to be very accurate. You can use it for your run, bike, swim, hike, weight lifting and many other activities.

How do I figure out my own heart rate?

Heart Zones® (Male) = ((210 – (0.5 * Age) – (0.1 * Body Weight)) + 4) * % of Max

Heart Zones® (Female) = ((210 – (0.5 * Age) – (0.1 * Body Weight)) + 0) * % of Max

The Heart Zone® method was developed by Sally Edwards, exercise physiologist and founder of Heart Zones® Training System. Sally Edwards is also a professional athlete and former Master’s World Record holder in the Ironman Triathlon. The Heart Zones® equation takes into account an individual’s body weight and gender. The equation factors in a slight decrease in heart rate for every unit increase in body weight. In addition, a slight adjustment is made to account for the differences between male and female body composition.

Once you have your estimated heart rate calculated you are ready to get started. Remember starting slow is always a good idea and health and fitness is a lifelong task, so set reasonable goals.

OK, now let’s give you a realistic situation for someone using a heart rate monitor.  Put the monitor on and jump on an indoor recumbent bike. The bike has some different variables that you can adjust; the ones we want to pay attention to are the Level, RPM (rotations per minute), Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate. (The volume of exercise is very important to pay attention to so you do not hurt yourself. (Level x RPM x Time = Intensity)

Now you have been on the bike for about five minutes warming up on level four your RPM is between 60-70. Your heart rate is 120 and you have gone 1.2 miles in five minutes. To you that feels like a three on a scale of perceived exertion 1 being easy to 10 being very difficult. Now that you are warmed up you can take the level up one level per minute and doing 60-70RPM until you have reached your target heart rate of 175 BPM. That is about 80% of your estimated maximum. you are going to do 45 min with your heart rate at 175 BPM to burn approximately 550 calories. When your heart rate is at 175 it should feel like a seven on the scale of perceived exertions which means you are working hard but, you can manage the work load with mild discomfort.

Beginners should always start with 10-20 min two to three days a week and heart rate should be between 40-60% of the max.

It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body fat.

That means you have to burn 700 calories five days a week to lose one pound of body fat per week.Remember to always get clearance from you primary care physician before you start any new exercise program.

I hope that this information helps you out in your fitness endeavours.

If you need a professional program designed please contact me at

Thank you for your time and energy……Be well

Jaime Hernandez

Health and Exercise Prescriptions Inc.©


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Are You Stressed? Who Me? Recognizing Stress can save your life.

Are you stressed?

Most people don’t understand stress and stress chemicals and the implications it has on their body.  First let’s break the body into two units of function: Sympathetic (fight or flight response) and parasympathetic (recovery and healing).

The sympathetic and parasympathetic units of the autonomic nervous system have been evolving for thousands of years to help keep our genes alive and balance all of our body’s systems without you consciously knowing it.

The parasympathetic branch originates from the cranial nerves (behind your head) and the sacral nerves (your tail bone).

The sympathetic branch originates in the cervical( neck) thoracic (mid back) and lumbar nerves (low back) .

They both attach to a number of organs where they have the opposite effects. The sympathetic branch (fight or flight system) stimulates the organ into a higher state of activity while the parasympathetic (recovery and healing) branch lowers these levels of activity to rest and repair.

Next, let’s talk about some of the stress chemicals, Corticotrophin,and adrenocorticotropic which are adrenaline and cortisol respectively.  These chemicals are released during the stress response.  These chemicals trigger a wide range of physiological events preparing the body for an emergency response (fight or flight).

Cortisol effects the body tissue by promoting the break down of proteins in the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is also an anti-allergenic action.

Adrenaline is epinephrine and is secreted by the ends of the sympathetic nerve;  it prevents the parasympathetic nerve its ability to rest and restore. A number of events take place with more adrenaline; it heightens muscle tone and reflexes so you are ready to react and it also increases breathing heart rate and blood pressure so your body is ready for action.

As you can see, being in this high alert state all of the time can be very wearing on organ systems and hormones of the supporting sympathetic nervous systems.

Recognizing stress in your everyday life is very important. Some people have a very high thresh hold of dealing with stress, and have trouble recognizing it. For Example: a women age 35, new-born baby, married, promotion at work, multiple obligations to various organizations, no exercise, sporadic rest breaks, meal/snack times and this schedule is held 7 days a week. She said that she did not feel very stressed but, her eye’s where twitching and looked restless. She said she had trouble sleeping at night because she could not shut off her brain. It takes time to change old habits and you should apply some stress reducing  interventions to reduce stress chemicals.

A good test for most people to recognize stress is  when you are driving your car and someone cuts you off and then honks their horn at you.

How do you feel?

Feeling stress is generally the response from that type of stimulus, when the adrenals pump adrenalin into your blood stream to get ready for flight or flight. Your heart starts racing, your blood thickens, your blood vessels dilate and your palms are now moist from sweat. You are now on high alert. This is the signal(feeling) you need to recognize in your everyday life to help manage those stress hormones.  When you feel that feeling of stress come on it is time to try and combat that feeling by taking deep breaths and or taking a break to calm your mind.

Most people have experienced stress/anxiety at some point in there lives and is part of living. Our modern living has made this response happen more often than in the past with Tv, cars, and busy go go go schedules. We have learned through modern technology to lower our bodily discomfort by having heated homes, a convenient water supply, easily accessible food and other modern luxuries. With that type of environment our stress response is more sensitive and our body’s tend to react to stress much more easily.

What does that mean to you?

People have to take responsibility for their health and educate them selves to have a greater understanding of the implications of  stresses applied to the body whether it be mental or physical. Psychosomatic diseases (the mind can cause disease)are real and miss understood by the greater population which is very dangerous place to be if you are sick and stuck in a cycle of disease and pain.

I am going to list  five conservative interventions that you can practice to help your body rest, restore and lower stress chemicals.

  1. Exercising  light to moderate is important to burn the stress chemicals go to 
  2. Journal to express your feelings
  3. Meditation  and breathing techniques to help learn to calm your mind. For a free demo cd click on the link at the bottom of this page
  4. Stay positive, change your mind about how you feel .
  5.  Massage and acupuncture  help calm your nervous system

If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail
Thank you for your time and energy……Be well

Jaime J. Hernandez

Health and Exercise Prescriptions Inc.©


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My Journey To Get Out Of Pain Is Far Too Common.

My journey to get out of pain is far too common.

Jaime has helped me through my journey to get out of pain with his total body approach to exercise and stretching, Mr. Hernandez has been a tremendous help in teaching me ways to lessen pain which has plagued me for a long time.

I sought advice from Mr. Hernandez several months ago after many treatments from health professionals for at least eight years. Though useful, the benefits fo their traeatments were only temporary. Their limitations, I now believe, were that they treated specific areas of pain rather than the body as an interconnected whole.

At first, it didn’t seem to make snse when Mr. Hernandez taught me to stretch and strengthen areas far from the pain area. How could upper back exercises relate to lower back pain? But I followed his instruction, and presently I was amazed to find my back pain diminishing and my movement becoming smoother.

I’ve done what he has instructed becasuse he has clearly explained body mechanics from a technical standpoint and because he has showed such an encouraging spirit of commitment to his methods and to me. Mr. Hernandez who appears to be such a young, physically fit individual, can relate to me at my and beginner’s fitness level as an person old enough to be his grandmother. yet he does, and his approach makes me want to work. I’ve learnd movements that seemed impossible at first. I”ve demonstrated them, then celebrated when he has said, as if  I’d run a marathon, “That’s huge!” It is. Two doctors once told me the pain might be best controlled with medicaitons and surgery. Now, with Mr. Hernandez’s help, I know that I can control it and becom strong.

I walk better, stand longer and have less pain. I am impowered now to take control of my situation with the proper guidance and support from  Health and exercise prescriptions.

I can not thank you enough for giving my life back!!

Sincerly your client


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The Importance of Detoxification – Part 1

Detoxification – you’ve heard this word many times over the last few years, but unless you have actually participated in a detoxification program, you probably don’t really understand what it’s all about.  Given the somewhat controversial nature of this topic, as well as the many questionable detoxification products on the market today, it seemed appropriate to elaborate on this topic in this multi-part article.

Let’s start by discussing the role of the Liver in western medicine versus Chinese medicine.

Biology of the Liver – A Western Medical Perspective

The liver is considered the largest organ in our body and is responsible for numerous complex biological functions.  It weighs approximately three pounds in a adult, and is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity, just below the diaphragm.  It’s functions include:

  • Manufactures half of the body’s cholesterol
  • Production of bile
  • Manufactures other substances including proteins vital to our body’s physiological function
  • Stores sugars as glycogen and releases glucose when necessary to maintain blood sugar balance
  • Stores other vitamins and minerals (fats, iron, copper, A, D, K, and B12)
  • Metabolizes harmful or toxic substances (toxins) and excretes them as harmless by-products to be eliminated by the intestines or filtered out by the kidneys
  • Produces immune factors and removes bacteria to help the body fight infection

The liver receives blood directly from the heart and intestines.  Blood supplied from the intestines include nutrients, bacteria, foreign particles, drugs, and toxins.   This blood is subsequently processed by the liver so that nutrients can be circulated to the entire body and toxins can be metabolized for elimination.  Blood supplied by the heart carries oxygen to the liver tissues as well as cholesterol and other substances for processing.  All of this blood is eventually mixed together in the liver tissues and flows back to the heart through the hepatic vein.

It should be noted that during the process of clearing the body of toxins, the liver is damaged by exposure to harmful substances.  The liver therefore possesses the amazing ability to self-repair and regenerate of damaged tissues.

So as one can plainly see, proper liver function is absolutely vital to maintaining health and wellness.  It is therefore worthwhile to dedicate some energy to improving its function to the highest level possible.

The role of the Liver – A Chinese Medical Perspective

The internal organs are viewed quite differently in Chinese medicine versus western medicine.  In Chinese medicine we view the internal organs in relationship with the other organs as well as the body and mind as a whole.

That means that in n Chinese medicine, the Liver possesses many functions.  They can be summarized as follows:

  • Stores Blood and Supplies Blood to the extremities during activity.
  • Courses and Drains Qi and Blood which is reflected in the emotions, and digestive function.
  • Is the root of prenatal energy in women affecting the menstrual cycle, fertility, uterus, and fetus.
  • Controls the tendons, sinews, and manifests in the nails.
  • Opens to and nourishes the eyes.
  • Controls planning, strategy, and works with the Gallbladder to influence courage and decision making.

Disruption of these functions may manifest in the following symptoms:

The Liver Is Unable to Store the Blood:

  • blurred vision,
  • muscle cramping,
  • inhibited joint movement,
  • dry eyes,
  • night blindness,
  • trembling hands and feet,
  • numb extremities,
  • dry, brittle, malformed, or grey nails,
  • dry and split hair,
  • scanty menstruation, or amenorrhea

The Liver Loses Its Ability to Course and Drain:

Mental and emotional symptoms –

  • depression,
  • sensation of emotional pain,
  • crying,
  • outbursts of anger,
  • pain and distention in the sides of the chest

Digestive symptoms –

  • belching,
  • regurgitation of stomach acid,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea

The Liver disharmony reflects on the woman’s prenatal energy:

  • PMS,
  • irregular menstrual cycles,
  • PCOS,
  • fibroids,
  • endometriosis,
  • Infertility

The Liver not nourishing tendons, sinews, nails:

  • tendonitis,
  • weak tendons/tendon injuries,
  • muscle spasms/tension (especially of the neck and shoulders),
  • weak/brittle nails.

Liver Disharmony Reflecting on the Emotions and Mental Activities:

  • indecisive and adrift,
  • inability to plan ahead effectively
  • fearful,
  • panicky disposition,
  • difficulty making decisions

Additional symptoms:

  • hypertension,
  • dizziness,
  • seizures,
  • uncontrollable eye movements,
  • lock jaw,
  • TMJ,
  • abdominal pain radiating to the genitals,
  • testicular pain,
  • vaginal atrophy

So it should be very apparent that there are significant differences in the way that these two healthcare systems view the role of the Liver.  From a Chinese medical perspective, it means that one must not have a “western” diagnosis of Liver disease in order to benefit from a detoxification program.  If you have several of the symptoms listed here, chances are you would be an excellent candidate for a detoxification program or at the very least a consultation with a Chinese medical practitioner.  Please stay tuned for the next part of this article in which I will discuss the process of detoxification.

Yours in health,

Benjamin Chang, DTCM, ADS, L.Ac.

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Failure is good …

When you’re talking about muscles.

At my training session today with Jaime, he upped the number of sets (from two to three) of each exercise I am doing or upped the weight. Or both. As I type, my non-dominant right arm still feels like Jell-o.

Enough about my Jell-o arm, let’s talk failure. Targeted muscle failure is what Jaime is aiming for. Pushing muscles to their limit exactly the thing that will make them get stronger.

The trick is knowing where that limit is, which is where Jaime comes in. Sure, I could push myself at the gym without a trainer, but I’d either not push hard enough (slacker) or push myself too far (overachiever) and end up hurting so much I wouldn’t set foot in the gym again for two months.

After today’s session I felt tired, not exhausted (with the exception of my right arm!). I may wake up sore tomorrow, but I predict I’m also going to wake up feeling really good about what I’ve accomplished.

Hilary, Client

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