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It’s been about seven weeks since I started training with Jaime, so on Tuesday he decided it was time for a progress report. After a month of birthdays, Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas cookie season, I was a little worried that I’d have nothing to show for all my work.

I needn’t have worried, because I have been making progress. I’ve lost about four-and-a-half pounds, as well as inches off my waist.

And I have to laugh – I lost a half-inch off my neck. Who knew my neck was fat! Unfortunately it’s too cold to show off my newly svelte neck; I’ve been wearing turtlenecks all week.

I think my success so far boils down to two main things:

  1. Dedication to doing what I can, when I can. Even if it’s a day when I can only fit in stretching, I’m keeping the momentum going.
  2. Jaime’s expertise. He’s designed a program that won’t discourage me by being too hard and that meets my special physical needs (like a cranky hip), which improves everyday functionality. And he keeps it fun.

Thanks, Jaime!

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– Hilary, Client


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The Right Exercise Can Help You With A Past Injury And Or Medical Condition.

Individuals who want to start an exercise program need to think about their health history and past injuries to prevent injuries when they start their new exercise program. Past injuries and special conditions such as diabetes, High blood pressure,car accident etc. are  important factors for your  Medical exercise specialist  to consider when  designing your new program. Always get clearance from your primary care provider before starting any exercise program.

Some different types of exercise

Well we have all heard of free weight training , yoga,step class, jazzercise, boot camp,spin class, chi gong,body pump,  and pilates to name a few? Each type of exercise has their specific effect on conditioning the body.

The question is what exercise is the right one for you in the shape or condition you are currently in?

There are many forms of exercise but all are not created equal. In my experience I have found that all humans need to move their body’s in all ranges of motion to continue functional mobility and address all of the body’s major energy systems. The human body starts to lose function and mobility because lack of movement and non-use. Designing an exercise regimen that incorporates the correct and balanced components will give the greatest response to an increase in total health.

Free weight training can be structured to adapt to most situations where limitations are a problem to gain health.

If you have any injuries, surgeries, or special medical conditions you have a unique situation in that your body needs some special care and attention when designing a health and exercise program.

Health and exercise prescriptions approach is what I call reverse engineering to enhance health. We ask where is the dysfunction; then we will start there using complementary care approach at the core of the problem. Slowly the body will adapt to the stress of exercise, better nutrition and addressing the building blocks of your health to get you  stronger.

Health and exercise prescriptions wants to give you, your family and associate the opportunity to live life to the fullest. With the proper guidance and planning you will succeed.

Check out the testimonials to hear the results of past clients of Health and exercise prescriptions at

Contact me to get you program started today. Don’t belive me ask my clients.

Jaime J. Hernandez

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