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Braving the gym in shorts

The other day at the gym I decided to wear shorts – not my usual choice for winter, but we’ve had an unseasonably warm January here in Washington state, so I decided to go for it. As I was leaving the locker room I did my cursory check in the mirror to make sure my hair wasn’t sticking up or I’d accidentally put my shirt on backwards, and did a double take.

Were those MY legs? Wow, they actually looked kinda toned … kinda good. Beach ready? No. Still a way to go on that one, but I was amazed to see just how much progress I had made.

Jaime has me doing three simple exercises to target the major muscle groups in my legs, calf raises, lunges and sumo squats (similar to a plie with a weight for those dancers out there). Of course, my cardio workouts, on the bike and elliptical trainer, and yoga also help strengthen and tone my legs.

Seeing the progress with my workouts is making me take a closer look at my diet. More on that next week.

–Hilary, Client, H&EP


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Conditioning is good for more than my hair

Today my topic is conditioning, and I don’t mean my hair. The first couple of months my training with Jaime was what he called “pre-conditioning.”  This might be a nice way of saying after going easy on me we are now into the butt-kicking phase of my training.

The primary change thus far is that Jaime is adding intense intervals on the bike between each strength set. My body is actually resting as I lift weights, my heart rate decreasing after the bursts of cardio.

Cardio intervals are a tried-and-true method of conditioning. Pushing your heart in short bursts is sort of like lifting weight close to your max. The extra work will build the muscle. In the case of cardio intervals – the heart.

And Jaime says the notion of the “fat burning” zone is really a myth. Want to maximize calories burned and therefore start making a dent in those unwanted rolls? Getting your heart rate up to 80%-90% of its maximum is what does the trick.

I know I wouldn’t push myself to that 80% if I didn’t have Jaime a) looking over my shoulder, and b) there to guide me to do it the right way.

An added bonus? I know I’m going to sleep well tonight.

Until next time,

Hilary, Client

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