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A personal victory

I reached a milestone of sorts recently when I ran – without stopping – around the 2.6-mile trail at Lake Padden.

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’m sort of a fair-weather runner and don’t devote my life to it. In fact, the last few years as I’ve been busy with my kids running really hasn’t been on my radar.

I started running again last summer before I started working with Jaime, and it took me all summer (admittedly running only about once a week) to get to the point where I could almost cover the distance without slowing to a walk.

This summer was different. After dealing with the frustration of an injured knee this spring, derailing my initial efforts to start running, I decided I was ready to start again earlier this month. My first time out was fairly successful, but as one of the first hot days of the summer, my body wasn’t acclimated to the heat and I ended up walking to fend off a stomach cramp. I also wasn’t prepared to tackle the hills on my route. All in all, though, it was a good run for my first time out to Padden in several months.

At the same time, I’ve been training on another trail near my house. It’s a shorter distance, 1.2 miles, and I usually go around twice. Like Padden, it has a couple of short hills that add challenge – along with dodging dogs and their people. This shorter run is where I’ve been building up my endurance with a run-walk conditioning program, as advised by Jaime.

I have been tackling Padden once a week, and training on the other trail once a week as well. Add to this my weekly personal training session with Jaime, another one or two days of resistance training a week, plus a day or two of yoga, and I’ve been working hard to get in shape.

It all paid off when my second week back at Padden I ran the entire 2.6 miles without stopping. Victory!

As I ran, I thought about my friend Stephanie, who’s also a client of Jaime’s. Last month she completed the Lake Padden triathlon – swimming, biking, then running. While people were telling her she should just take the last leg easy and walk, she was determined to run it. I knew that if Stephanie could run the trail after swimming and biking, there was no reason I couldn’t just run around it once. She served as great inspiration!

The next week I went back for my run, wondering if the last week had been a fluke. About two-thirds of the way around, I knew I could do it again. And I did.

It feels great to be running, and I really credit Jaime’s training with getting me functionally strong to accomplish my goals. Now I just have to convince myself I like running in the winter months as well.

Hilary, Client

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Satiety….Why do I crave food…especially sweets…..

Our goal: Satiety or feeling satisfied with what we consume.

Satiety  is the key to reach or maintain your fat loss goals, your body and mind must have a sense of fullness and satisfaction from the foods and liquids consumed during the day. If you do not feel satiated from the amount and type of food that allows you to look the way you want, chances are you will not achieve your goal. Everyone has different metabolic needs when it comes to the amount of the different macro nutrients that we consume; Protein, Carbohydrates and fat. In modern society, it is a fact that few people live hungry…………. forever…. when food is accessible. We have changed what food means other than energy. We often times put a psychological element to our food decisions. I will try to explain a little about the physiological and psychological drive for food.

What is Satiety?

Satiety is the state of having sufficiency in appetite or thirst resulting in the elimination of the wanting to consume more food or fluids.

Why do I get hungry?

The following are two primary cues that tell the brain that the body is hungry and food and liquids should be consumed:

1. The brain receives a message from the body that it is hungry and nutrients need to be replaced (physiological)

2.Learned associations or habits with food and fluid ingestion (good or Bad) (psychological)

Physiological Internal cues to eat

1. Eat to survive

Humans are designed to consume food and fluid until the nutritional needs of tissues and organs are fulfilled. In other words , if this our only mechanism for satiety, our appetite would be satisfied immediately after we eat what we need, rather than what we want (most often driven by external cues). New borns are depletion-driven eaters and they only eat what they need and only when they need to because they have not learned food-related behaviors associated with habits.

Possible Solution

To maintain current body composition, the amount of food(energy) we consume has to be equal to the amount expended. If you are trying to lose body weight than you should eat enough to feel satiated or satisfied so that you do not get cravings. Making sure to balance your meals and snacks and eating whole foods well give you the most energy and nutrient packed food source that will satisfy your needs best.

2. Humans have an innate craving for sweetness

As children we tend to lean toward sweeter foods because of our natural instinct to think that sweet taste means energy and bitter is associated with toxins or poisons. Our food industry definitely uses this information to lure us to eat more even we are not hungry. I think our culture is a desert after dinner type where we are full but, still always have room for desert. I always tell clients if they want desert than they should only eat a portion…as to not deprive your self because you are human but, to understand as energy as well and should be handled as such…so maybe extra 15 minutes extra cardio.

Possible solution

Make sure to eat at least 3 meals and 2-3 snacks throughout your day; also be sure to balance your protein, carbohydrates and fats in each meal/snack. If you eat just one of the aforementioned macro nutrients and do not balance them in your meals and snacks then your body may get cravings. If you can not ignore your craving for sweets pick some sweet fruit.

3. Genetic predisposition

Their are three main category’s for human in terms of stature(Small build, Medium build, and large build). Ectomorphs are endurance skinny high metabolism, Mesomorphs have good muscle tone  broad shoulders and are normal body fat, Endomorphs are big boned with lots of muscle and have usually always had a higher body fat percentage than the ectomorph or mesomorph.  Each of these categories requires different amount of calories and different ratio of macro nutrients to satisfy their body. An Endomorph will always have to watch their diet and exercise or will become obese where the mesomorph and ectomorph have an easier time with their body fat.

Possible solution

Move more eat less if you are a endomorph. Most general healthy people should get at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. Go for a bike ride, or a quick walk/jog around the lake..if you have access to a pool or lake go for a swim. If you do 45 minutes a day 5x a week of cardio you will burn around 500-550 calories or a weekly total of 2,500 calories burned. Remember to lose one pound of body fat you have to burn 3,500 calories….you do the math!

psychological Learned eating cues or behaviors

1. Social or ritual eating

We often drink and eat when we are not really hungry. Think about all of the holidays where we indulge our selves in over consuming or the times where after dinner you went out for a couple of drinks or that big bowl of popcorn with butter after dinner. That is just a couple of examples of when we create situational eating instead of true hunger or need to be fulfilled.

Possible solution

Try to make good food choice number one but, if all else fails try to limit the amount of bad food that you consume just to be over consuming. Remember that extra energy that you put in your body will be stored as body fat. If you over eat by 100 calories a day for a month you will almost gain one pound of body fat….that is some thing to think about if your goal is to maintain your body fat.

2.The number one thing I hear is” I learned how to eat from my parents“…habits passed on can be unlearned and everyone has some sort of habitual consumption behavior. Also remember that you probably have not lived with your parents for many years so that is no longer a valid excuse.

Everyone develops their patterns of eating behaviors during youth and is generally passed on to you by your parents or peers; that will  affect your choices throughout your life. It is difficult to unlearn what you have learned but, is not impossible with carefull measure and understanding of  what your body needs you can make the changes you need to.

Possible solution

Incorporate gradual changes into your current way of eating. Eat foods you like within your adult calorie requirements which are usually less and less as we age. It also helps to log your food how you where feeling how much you ate and what time to get an accurate reflection of what you are consuming.

3. Food  and mood

Can a mood affect your appetite? From what I understand the happy chemicals are released when eating and can lead to eating out of comfort. If you are feeling like eating because you are in a funk or are just bored try to think of alternatives.

Possible solutions

If you are feeling funky and or depressed your body is craving happy chemicals so knowing alternatives that can create the same chemicals can help you to make better decisions about how to solve this common issue. I often times will just go for a 15-30 minute walk or bike ride to release some more Serotonin AKA the happy chemical or if I am just bored I will read or  paint to occupy my mind.

Well I hope you enjoyed this topic and if you need more help to understand how to best help your self with your food and feeling satiated please contact me.

Thank you for your time and energy….Be well

Jaime J. Hernandez

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Hittin’ the gym

After working with Jaime twice a week since October, last month I started stepping out own my own a bit – working with Jaime once a week then heading to the gym once or twice a week to work out on my own.

Before Jaime let me fly solo, we went to the gym together to run through my program. I’ve been working to strengthen my quadriceps, in particular the VMO, which has been causing my knee trouble, so we paid special attention to working form and making sure the exercises were pain free.

Then it was time for me to hit the gym on my own.

Last month was crazy busy. I was out of town, then had relatives in town visiting me. Getting to the gym was a challenge. Getting to the gym without someone waiting for me to show up an appointed hour was a challenge. I don’t have the same accountability without a trainer waiting for me, so I have to be accountable to myself.

I used to work out on my own, and I was soon getting back into the groove. I remembered that I like it! And, having Jaime design my program takes the guesswork out of what I should do. With a warm-up on the bike, some stretches, my resistance training and a couple of ab exercises to finish up, I am in and out of the gym in about an hour.

Making time for weight training at the gym as well as fitting in my yoga and cardio workouts during the week is a challenge, but summer is a great motivator, as is the progress I’ve made since I started working with Jaime. I’m determined to use the summer to get out and get active and keep my dates with the gym. Summer is no time slack – see you at the gym!

Hilary, Client
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