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Great results(!) and new goals

At the start of the summer I decided I was going to recommit myself to my workouts. With a few weeks off from grad school, I had some extra time to devote to my workout regimen. So, each day I made time for some kind of activity – running, weight training or yoga, primarily. And I was consistent, making the daily commitment to myself a priority.

The results are in: At the end of the summer I had lost both pounds and inches. Jaime hadn’t taken my measurements since December, so the results were dramatic: I’ve lost 12 pounds since then, lost two inches from my hips and three from my waist. I’m looking leaner and I’m starting to see definition where there wasn’t any before. Other people are noticing, too.

These are all great payoffs, but one of the best is that the knee problems that were keeping me from being as active as I wanted have slowly improved to a point where my knees rarely give me pause.

My new goal is to actually gain some weight in the form of lean muscle mass. Jaime has changed up my weight routine so I am lifting more weight with fewer repetitions. He’s also suggested I up my calorie intake by about 200 calories day so that my body has the energy it needs to build muscles. A simple way to add these calories is to eat half a protein bar after my workout. Jaime says that after a workout is the optimal time to have a healthy snack because the body can make the most out of the extra nutrition in the 90 minutes immediately following exercise.

It’s really exciting to have made such great strides in my fitness program, and I am equally excited to see what I can accomplish next!

Hilary, Client

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