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Are you in pain when you exercise? You should not be. How to reach your goal and not be in pain.

Hello Readers! Happy holidays!

Are you in pain when you exercise? You should not be.

I have seen a lot of people who have been trying to get back into the gym to get into shape because, it is too cold to be outside and exercise comfortably. If you are currently in pain, have a disease and or injury then you are what they call “Special population” That just means that your body is not functioning at a”Normal level” and when you exercise you need special consideration of contraindications and limitations of injuries, disease and or medication.

So guess what? 70% of our population has some sort of injury, disease and or is on medication. So should take it slow when starting an exercise program.At no point and time should you be feeling pain.

What should I do if I am feeling Pain when I am doing an exercise?

  1. If you have any previous, pain, surgery, diseases or on medications make sure to consult a professional (like me) to put your exercise program together so that you do not hurt your self.
  2. Pain is an indication that something is not OK so stop the exercise immediately if you feel pain.
  3. Try to change the exercise range of motion to see if the pain is in a limited range. If you can exercise pain-free continue in the same way but, make sure that what ever pain you are feeling is getting better as the weeks go on.
  4. Make sure that you are stretching and doing a good warm up before you start your exercises.
  5. You can use conservative pain relieving measure to help ease pain for the short-term by using Ice, taking an Epsom salt bath, using Non steroidal anti-inflammatory devices, acupuncture or getting a massage to name a few.

Well I hope that this information keeps you from injuring or re-injuring your self so that you can keep moving.

If you are still not sure which route you should take and how to go about choosing  which exercises are appropriate for your limitations please contact me!


Thank you for your time and energy …Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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