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Why on earth would anyone want Colonics? Guest blog post by Vanessa Haycock NTS,LMP,CCHT

Why on earth would anyone want Colonics? 

Let me answer this question with a simple analogy.

Bellingham; our beautiful home town in the great North West, with pristine mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys. Our Salmon are nourished by the pure waters that are filtered from immaculate natural systems set up before humans were even a blip on the radar. We live in a beautiful ecosystem that balances itself, cleanses itself and rejuvenates itself with an innate intelligence.

What would happen if just one of those systems got blocked up? The answer is simple; there would be a gradual backing up of basic sediment at an unseen level at first, which would in turn dam up the streams, then the rivers. Our wildlife would no longer be able to drink the clean water and we may not notice these mild symptoms at first or simply diagnose it as a passing phase. We may see a deterioration in the quality of our agriculture and then our Salmon may start to suffocate in the dense sediment of the toxic rivers.  Perhaps then we would notice that the color of the Bellingham Bay was not an azure blue but an ugly beige with an ill smelling odor. The city sewer system would begin to back up as the drains became blocked up and only when it becomes completely obvious and only when our immediate quality of life is affected do most people notice that something is not right. Something needs to be taken care of, cleaned out, flushed out, nourished and healed.

Each of us can be this story. We all have busy lives and often we don’t take time to tune into our bodies to notice mild symptoms. We may have the odd day where we don’t feel great but pass it off or worse still get used to feeling tired or excuse it as “a family trait”.  Gradually, we may be getting more and more toxic.  The symptoms can be mild at first for example; bad breath or stale BO.  Then fatigue, itchy skin/ rashes or pimples, allergies or digestive issues my occur, IBS, maybe headaches or back pain. These are symptoms that the body could be beginning to get backed up firstly on a cellular level, which then can back up to affect essential fluids such as blood and lymph which may be getting thicker and toxic with all the extra debris floating around, which then can continue to affect the organs and larger systems of the body. Just like the story illustrates, at first the symptoms are mild then eventually we have to take notice that there is something not right with our own “ecosystem” Many people are constipated and are told that having one visit to the bathroom a week is normal. It isn’t. Our bowels are the sewage system of our bodies; everything literally drains out through them and if they are blocked up, then the rest of the body will not be able to flourish but can begin to become out of balance and literally we can be poisoned by our own waste matter as it all backs up.

Its gross so why on earth would anyone want Colonics? Because it can safely and effectively cleanse the colon, which in turn can allow the rest of our body to dump out toxins from the tissues, cells and organs. Colonics has been around for thousands of years. It makes sense and it works. Don’t allow your body to become a toxic waste site.

Vanessa Haycock NTS,LMP,CCHT has been practicing for 17 years and specializes in guiding people to reach fantastic vibrant health.
She can be reached at:
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