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Have you lost the desire to exercise? You need to make exercise easy and enjoyable again!

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I am writing this blog post for all of those people who have stopped exercising daily and are having troubles getting started again.

Are you not sticking to your daily routine of exercise because, you have lost the desire and willpower to do it? Or are you bored/no time?I have found that when I am out of practice of daily exercise I need to make my journey to the gym somewhat enjoyable and relaxing.

Tips to help you like your exercise program and make it more enjoyable and relaxing:

1.)First change it up to a short 15 minute workout (Circuit Weight Training) with 10 minutes of cardio to warm up and 10 minutes of stretching post workout.

2.) Then “Relax” after your workout use all the facility’s amenities to help you relax to fullest including Steam room, Sauna, hot tub and tanning bed if that is helps you relax.This is a key part making your routine have a componet of relaxing, so it’s not “all” hard work, and you have another reason to go to the gym other than to just do “work”.

Here is how I would put it all together as a regimen.

I would start with light low impact cardio 10 minutes on the bike warm up and 15 minutes doing a circuit that targets all of your major muscle groups which should be light 1-2 sets of 20 reps. My 15 minute workout consisted of pairing up exercises of opposites muscle groups so I could do them back to back so that I would not have to rest. You should be able to finish your weight training workout in 15 minutes if you do not rest. This type of workout would just be for general health and is a pre-prep-conditioning program.

Here is a small example:

Jump on low impact cardio machine for 10 minutes to get warmed up,before you start! Lightly stretch your tight muscles then Go!!

  1. DB Chest Press/Pulldowns
  2.  Back Extensions/Crunches
  3. Shoulder Press/Seated Row
  4. Leg Press/Calf Raises

Do you get the picture?This workout is very simple but, you do exercise all of your major muscle groups.

Now for the relaxation part of making your time at the gym more fun and rewarding. Humans need both stress and relaxation built into their Health and Exercise Prescription®  to balance their body and mind.

Most gyms have a least a hot tub to help relax after your workout, I like to use the steam room, suana,  hot tub and in the winter the tanning bed to relax after my workouts. It feels good to have a positive relaxing reward after the hard work of getting to the gym and pumping some iron!!

Well that is the best way to get back on track if you have stopped working out and are looking for a rough plan to get started again.

If you need any help putting together a Health and Exercise Prescription®   contact me soon.

Thank you for your time and energy…Be well

Jaime Hernandez Health and Exercise Prescription® 


Author: Health and Exercise Prescriptions®

Personal health coach Jaime J. Hernandez is the founder of Health and Exercise Prescriptions®. Jaime (pronounced hi-may) has been in the health industry for twenty years, and has seen many different approaches to health and fitness. His personal philosophy is that we should treat the body as a whole. All body systems are integrated and communicate on some level to keep them in a state of homeostasis or balance. Jaime has worked with hundreds of people, ranging from the ages of 9 to 82, with a variety of health issues. His goal is to help the people of this community take charge of their health with education and proper instruction, to tailor a health promotion program that is clear and complete. This enables the individual to experience a true health transformation.

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