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Trail Running In Bellingahm, South Bay Trail with .6 Mile Taylor Hill and Stairs!

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Well it is Fall here in Bellingham and the air is crisp and the fall colors are just starting to comeout! What a great time of year to get some good runs in! Are you training for distance and want to throw in a little bit of strength work? Here is the run for you! Starting at the Depot Market AKA Belllingham’s farmers market you can get on the Southbay trail, You will run past the Honey moon cider house The first mile is mostly flat then down hill. Keep on running through the alley till you reach the trail head. the trail goes past the Bike shop the HUB if you pass the shop then you know you are on the right track. You will be on the Southbay trail there are often times a lot of runners, walkers and bikers on the trail. As you can see it is a nice groomed trail. It is great for blocking the wind the first mile and a half. You eventuall get down to Boulavard park which you will continue to head toward Fairheaven and Taylor dock. If it is windy which it usually is by the bay running across the dock is usually a little cold. You are almost to the Hill! Time to get ready to be pushed to your upper cardio limit! and here we go…running up hill! It is worth the view when you get close to the top, It is about .6 miles up the Hill and down the back steps and back down the hill.By the time you get done your glutes and calf should be burning… and know time for the descent and back to the start at the farmers market! Coming back the Southbay trail is all up hill from boulavard park so even though you are not going up a steep hill it is still a grind to get back. Well I hope you enjoy this run as much as I do and the strength you build from putting it in your routine will pay off! If you have any pain when you run, move or exercise please let me help! Go to

Thanks for your time and energy

Jaime Hernandez

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Author: Health and Exercise Prescriptions®

Personal health coach Jaime J. Hernandez is the founder of Health and Exercise Prescriptions®. Jaime (pronounced hi-may) has been in the health industry for twenty years, and has seen many different approaches to health and fitness. His personal philosophy is that we should treat the body as a whole. All body systems are integrated and communicate on some level to keep them in a state of homeostasis or balance. Jaime has worked with hundreds of people, ranging from the ages of 9 to 82, with a variety of health issues. His goal is to help the people of this community take charge of their health with education and proper instruction, to tailor a health promotion program that is clear and complete. This enables the individual to experience a true health transformation.

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