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So your Dr. said to rest.How long does it take to start losing the fitness that you have gained from your exercise program…it is not long.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you are inactive? How long does it take to start deconditioning? How do I prevent further deconditioning?

Well I think that this subject is a very important one because as you decondition you lose function in your major systems such as cardiovascular, muscles, balance, endurance, coordination, even your metabolic rate changes, these systems are all involved in you general activities of daily living. It only takes 1 week of inactivity to

Deconditioning is a complex process of physiological change following a period of inactivity, bedrest or sedentary lifestyle. It results in functional losses in such areas as mental status, and ability to accomplish activities of daily living. The most predictable effects of deconditioning are seen in the musculoskeletal system and include diminished muscle mass, decreases of muscle strength by two to five percent per day, muscle shortening, changes in periarticular (where the muscle attaches to the bone) and cartilaginous joint structure and marked loss of leg strength that seriously limit mobility. The decline in muscle mass and strength has been linked to falls, functional decline, increased frailty and immobility.

As you can see that lack of activity is a serious problem in our modern society. If you do not use it you will lose it.

How do I make a plan to keep moving if I am in pain of have a limiting special condition? Well that is a good question and should be handled by a professional so that you do not get hurt in the process of gaining your function back to previous state before injury or disease. Go to   We can help you design a safe and effective program for you to stay mobile while dealing with injuries or disease processes.

Well I hope that this short blog post puts into perspective the issues behind taking time off from physical activity and the long-term dangers that it can create. Sometimes resting too much can really cause more problems.

Thanks for reading my post!

Jaime Hernandez

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How much water do we need daily to stay healthy?Tips on preventing dehydration.

How much water do we need daily to stay healthy? This topic is always dependent on the persons enviroment and activity level. If it is hot you will sweat more and also if you have a high activity level you would require more water as well.

Facts about humans and its relationship to water. Water makes up at least two-thirds of our total body weight. Our brain floats in cerebrospinal fluid, whis is almost all water. Our blood, tear,sweat and our saliva are mostly water. The brain is 75% water, the bones are 22% and even the enamel on our teeth is 2% water.  Someone who weighs 150 pounds is composed of about 100 pounds or more than 10 gallons of water.

Water is also important to digestion an also for carring out basic chemical reactions in our body.  We require 1 milliliter of water per calorie that we ingest.

An average adult needs 8-10 cups a day and even more in hot enviroments or heavy activity events. Each day we lose 3-4 pints of water in our urine, another pint is lost as we exhale and another pint is lost as we sweat and all of this lost water MUST  be replaced.

There are signs of mild to moderate dehydration include cracked lips, headache, irritability, lethargy, poor appetite and malaise.

Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated.

1.Make half of your fluid intake pure water.Try to drink small amounts rather than big amounts all at once.

2.Begin each day with 1 glass of water.

3.Try different drinks that make water taste more iteresting, including sparkling water, flavored water using fresh fruit or herbs.

4.If you are consuming, coffee, alcohol or salty foods you should drink one cup water per cup of each of these.

5.Eat foods with a high water content like watermelon, lettuce or milk.

6. When exercising on a hot day make sure to drink water every 20 min at least a half cup.

The quality of water is important too. Make sure that the water is clean and pure.

Well I hope that puts the importantance of water and the human bodys need for it to function correctly into perspective.

If you need any help with a whole plan for better health and wellness please contact me. 

Thank you

Jaime Hernandez

Health and Exercise Prescriptions

Et al. Modern hydrotherapy for massage therapist/ Marybetts Sinclair

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Trail Running In Bellingahm, South Bay Trail with .6 Mile Taylor Hill and Stairs!

Well it is Fall here in Bellingham and the air is crisp and the fall colors are just starting to comeout! What a great time of year to get some good runs in! Are you training for distance and want to throw in a little bit of strength work? Here is the run for you! Starting at the Depot Market AKA Belllingham’s farmers market you can get on the Southbay trail, You will run past the Honey moon cider house The first mile is mostly flat then down hill. Keep on running through the alley till you reach the trail head. the trail goes past the Bike shop the HUB if you pass the shop then you know you are on the right track. You will be on the Southbay trail there are often times a lot of runners, walkers and bikers on the trail. As you can see it is a nice groomed trail. It is great for blocking the wind the first mile and a half. You eventuall get down to Boulavard park which you will continue to head toward Fairheaven and Taylor dock. If it is windy which it usually is by the bay running across the dock is usually a little cold. You are almost to the Hill! Time to get ready to be pushed to your upper cardio limit! and here we go…running up hill! It is worth the view when you get close to the top, It is about .6 miles up the Hill and down the back steps and back down the hill.By the time you get done your glutes and calf should be burning… and know time for the descent and back to the start at the farmers market! Coming back the Southbay trail is all up hill from boulavard park so even though you are not going up a steep hill it is still a grind to get back. Well I hope you enjoy this run as much as I do and the strength you build from putting it in your routine will pay off! If you have any pain when you run, move or exercise please let me help! Go to

Thanks for your time and energy

Jaime Hernandez

Health and Exercise Prescriptions

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Trail Running In Bellingham 13 Mile Route to Larbee State Park From Fairhaven’s Harris Street 3.9 Mile Loop

I have been running on Bellingham trails since 1998 and each one has its own charm. Today I went for a short run of 3.9 miles on the main trail to Larbee state park the “interurban trail.” I started my run from Harris Ave.

Then you will follow the trail that is well marked. Keep going to Larbee State park direction….you will love the smell going from ocean smell and as you run toward Larbee the smell will turn into pine trees. The trail is great, very flat for the most part with some parts that have more roots depending where you are on the trail. From Harris Street starting point it is about 3.9 miles to CMOORE LOOP You will take the trail up and around a 1/3 mile loop which will spit you back out on the main trail and you can run back to the starting point and get in a great trail run. keep on running back to your starting point and you should end up back on Harris Street. This route is always good when it is raining because most of it is covered and has some challenging hills but, slow and steady wins the race. Are you just starting out or are you an advit runner? I can help you if you need and exercsie prescription to help strengthen your muscles, bones, ligament, tendons and also gain proper cardio conditioning and flexibility. Come visit me at Thanks for checkingout the trail run for the week! Stay tuned for next week South bay trail 3.5 mile loop! So fun with a challenging up hill portion. Thanks for your time and energy…Be well Jaime Hernandez

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lose 1 pound of body fat a week safely. Do you know how?

It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body fat.”That means you have to burn 700 calories five days a week to lose one pound of body fat per week.”

First thing we need to discuss is why you should  wear a heart rate monitor and how will that help you to reach your goal of body fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning.

Heart rate determines the intensity your body is experiencing during a workout, and your heart rate also equates to calories burned.

The investment in a heart rate monitor is invaluable. Your heart rate gives you a good idea how intense the exercise you are performing is on your body. Your heart rate is reciprocal to calories burned.If your heart rate is high you burn more calories than if it is low. (If you are on Medications or have a metabolic disorder your heart rate will not perform the same as a “normal” individuals. Always consult your Doctor before starting an exercise program.)

It is a good idea to track your average heart rate when you are weight training or doing cardiovascular exercise with a heart rate monitor to help calculate intensity.

There are different types of heart rate monitors. I recommend the brand Polar  heart rate I use the heart rate monitor model FS2 with two parts; a watch  and chest strap it seems to be very accurate. You can use it for your run, bike, swim, hike, weight lifting and many other activities.

How do I figure out my own heart rate?

Heart Zones® (Male) = ((210 – (0.5 * Age) – (0.1 * Body Weight)) + 4) * % of Max

Heart Zones® (Female) = ((210 – (0.5 * Age) – (0.1 * Body Weight)) + 0) * % of Max

The Heart Zone® method was developed by Sally Edwards, exercise physiologist and founder of Heart Zones® Training System. Sally Edwards is also a professional athlete and former Master’s World Record holder in the Ironman Triathlon. The Heart Zones® equation takes into account an individual’s body weight and gender. The equation factors in a slight decrease in heart rate for every unit increase in body weight. In addition, a slight adjustment is made to account for the differences between male and female body composition.

Once you have your estimated heart rate calculated you are ready to get started. Remember starting slow is always a good idea and health and fitness is a lifelong task, so set reasonable goals.

OK, now let’s give you a realistic situation for someone using a heart rate monitor.  Put the monitor on and jump on an indoor recumbent bike. The bike has some different variables that you can adjust; the ones we want to pay attention to are the Level, RPM (rotations per minute), Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate. (The volume of exercise is very important to pay attention to so you do not hurt yourself. (Level x RPM x Time = Intensity)

Now you have been on the bike for about five minutes warming up on level four your RPM is between 60-70. Your heart rate is 120 and you have gone 1.2 miles in five minutes. To you that feels like a three on a scale of perceived exertion 1 being easy to 10 being very difficult. Now that you are warmed up you can take the level up one level per minute and doing 60-70RPM until you have reached your target heart rate of 175 BPM. That is about 80% of your estimated maximum. you are going to do 45 min with your heart rate at 175 BPM to burn approximately 550 calories. When your heart rate is at 175 it should feel like a seven on the scale of perceived exertions which means you are working hard but, you can manage the work load with mild discomfort.

Beginners should always start with 10-20 min two to three days a week and heart rate should be between 40-60% of the max.

It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose one pound of body fat.

That means you have to burn 700 calories five days a week to lose one pound of body fat per week.Remember to always get clearance from you primary care physician before you start any new exercise program.

I hope that this information helps you out in your fitness endeavours.

If you need a professional program designed please contact me at

Thank you for your time and energy……Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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