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Sitting on Hope by Jenny Rueb The Story Behind The CoreWerks Core Therapy Office Seating

When the infant son of Dr. Horst Schaaf and his wife was born in 1988 they were told that their beautiful baby boy had Cerebral Palsy. He would be blind, live in a wheel chair, and his body would become more and more deformed.  All the hopes and dreams that every parent has for their child were denied to them as the doctor spoke the words of a hopeless future for their son, Mattais.

As Horst tried to listen to the doctor, his voice became a distant noise as he realized there would never be the excited moment of Mattias taking his first steps. There would be no sitting in the stands cheering their son as he played soccer on a sunny Saturday morning.  As a physicist, Horst’s mind was a trained instrument of assimilating facts. How could this be happening?  But at that moment in the doctor’s office, Horst wasn’t a Doctor of Physics, he was a father.

Horst had always thought outside the box, asked the “what if?” question.  Mattais had already suffered through many surgeries and the resulting setbacks.  Horst began to reason that perhaps there was a way to teach Mattias the skills to balance himself and strengthen the core muscles to support his spine.  The “what if” now became Horst’s personal crusade.

Instead of coaching the sports team or playing ball with his son, Horst  “coached” Mattias through  daily grueling physical therapy sessions.  Their mutual enemy the  progressively curving and distorting  of his spine that brought them closer  and closer to  spinal fusion surgery.  They were told it was the only way to prevent  the collapse of his torso  and eventual damage to his internal organs.  They were working against time. Now they  not only had Cerebral Palsy  to deal with, Mattias was developing neuromuscular scoliosis. Two names that meant only  pain and suffering for his son. Was there a different answer out there that he had failed to see?

There were many unsuccessful experiments.  But his “Ah Ha” moment came during an equestrian therapy session.  Horst noticed Mattias attempted to sit straight on his own while on horseback.  Mattias wasn’t even aware that his body was working for him not against him! The subtle rocking motion of the horse caused his brain to activate the dormant muscles in his core and back encouraging him to sit up straight.  Unfortunately the effect lasted only as long as he was on the horse.

Well I hope you all enjoy this great story of an inventor and his love for his son.

Thank you for your time and energy ….Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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How is your posture at work? Office Yoga Stretches and Exercise

For office workers learning to do office chair yoga stretches and exercise can be of great help regardless of his/her age, shape, and fitness level. Office chair yoga stretches and exercise are specially created for those people who have to sit at a chair for a long time and needs to stretch his or her tired muscles to get relaxed in the office. Lack of stretching and bad posture can lead to neck and back injury and or tension headaches.

With office chair yoga, people can save the trouble of changing clothes or getting out of the office to have their fatigue muscles including the back, neck, shoulders and hips stretched. Just take a simple chair yoga break for only five minutes and it can increase the efficiency of the work being done and bring peace to your mind. If this can be practised for a few times in a day, you will help your body fight tension. The following are several tips for yoga stretches in the office.

Make sure before you start with any new exercise program that you get cleared from your primary care physician. These next stretches and exercises should be done at least twice a day when you are on your eight hour shift. I often tell clients to set a timer to check their posture every 30-45min throughout the day.

These exercises should be done gently and you should not feel any pain while doing them. If you feel pain or discomfort while performing any of these exercises than STOP and consult your doctor.

It is very important to sit in good posture when you are at your desk. Take a second to look and see how your posture is while sitting at your desk. Are your shoulders shrugged and is your head forward or are you sitting up straight?

Do you have good posture or bad posture?The slide show below will take you through all of your desk stretches.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Middle Back Exercise below (make sure to squeeze your middle back when you do this exercise)

This exercise is to help strengthen your middle back and should be done at the end of all of your stretches. You will want to do this exercise every time you find your self slouching in your desk seat or at least every couple of hours. It will help realign your back and neck into proper posture.

Well I hope this helps to break up your work day so that you can keep your back and neck healthy. If you need more guidance with an exercise program than you should check out we can help you put together a complete health and exercise plan.

Thank you for your time and energy…Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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