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Our Service = Your Benefit

PEHS™ – Proactive Employee Health Services –  works with employers to lower your company’s health care expenditures while increasing worker productivity. Your company can provide a wellness benefit to your employees and gain the proven benefits of lower healthcare costs and more productivity in return.

At Health and Exercise Prescriptions we tie the lack of health promotion and disease prevention directly to the healthcare crisis. We believe that traditional approaches to the current healthcare crisis are misdirected. These traditional efforts are what we call reactive symptom relief – that is waiting until an individual has been stricken with an illness and or injury, and then providing a treatment, which may not even get to the bottom of the problem. Our approach emphasizes prevention and health promotion. We start our programs from the basic foundation of health, providing employees with the support they need to gain health.

Planning + Guidance = Results

Employee Individual Plans

Six levels of commitment and Employee Work Site Choices

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