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168 Hours in one week.Can you afford NOT to invest 6%(9hours) of your time per week to change your life?

Setting up a daily ritual for health and fitness will help you stay on track. Out of the 168 hours per week 6% of time invested can change your life.

Establishing new habits is some times a daunting task but, if you take the time to put your health and fitness goals into your schedule just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower it will make it easier to be consistent with your new habit.

It general takes a few months to get into the groove of your new regimen. Make sure to set up your schedule; so that your exercise is done when it is least likely to conflict with other priority’s in your life.

I like to do most of my exercise in the morning or before afternoon. I know my self well enough to know that if I do not get it done by the end of my work day I generally find my self tired and less likely to follow through with my exercise commitment.

Here is an example of my weekly workoutschedule .

If you would like an exact plan to reach your goals contact me. We design programs that cover Cardio, weight training, core, stretching, nutrition specific to your goals.

Thank you for your time and energy…Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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Sitting on Hope by Jenny Rueb The Story Behind The CoreWerks Core Therapy Office Seating

When the infant son of Dr. Horst Schaaf and his wife was born in 1988 they were told that their beautiful baby boy had Cerebral Palsy. He would be blind, live in a wheel chair, and his body would become more and more deformed.  All the hopes and dreams that every parent has for their child were denied to them as the doctor spoke the words of a hopeless future for their son, Mattais.

As Horst tried to listen to the doctor, his voice became a distant noise as he realized there would never be the excited moment of Mattias taking his first steps. There would be no sitting in the stands cheering their son as he played soccer on a sunny Saturday morning.  As a physicist, Horst’s mind was a trained instrument of assimilating facts. How could this be happening?  But at that moment in the doctor’s office, Horst wasn’t a Doctor of Physics, he was a father.

Horst had always thought outside the box, asked the “what if?” question.  Mattais had already suffered through many surgeries and the resulting setbacks.  Horst began to reason that perhaps there was a way to teach Mattias the skills to balance himself and strengthen the core muscles to support his spine.  The “what if” now became Horst’s personal crusade.

Instead of coaching the sports team or playing ball with his son, Horst  “coached” Mattias through  daily grueling physical therapy sessions.  Their mutual enemy the  progressively curving and distorting  of his spine that brought them closer  and closer to  spinal fusion surgery.  They were told it was the only way to prevent  the collapse of his torso  and eventual damage to his internal organs.  They were working against time. Now they  not only had Cerebral Palsy  to deal with, Mattias was developing neuromuscular scoliosis. Two names that meant only  pain and suffering for his son. Was there a different answer out there that he had failed to see?

There were many unsuccessful experiments.  But his “Ah Ha” moment came during an equestrian therapy session.  Horst noticed Mattias attempted to sit straight on his own while on horseback.  Mattias wasn’t even aware that his body was working for him not against him! The subtle rocking motion of the horse caused his brain to activate the dormant muscles in his core and back encouraging him to sit up straight.  Unfortunately the effect lasted only as long as he was on the horse.

Well I hope you all enjoy this great story of an inventor and his love for his son.

Thank you for your time and energy ….Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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Performance Nutrition; Pre during and post exercise recovery RITUAL part 1 for football and rugby players. Bioplex protein

“A key to optimizing recovery is the consistent use of key strategies. A fundamental aspect  in the effective integration of recovery into an athlete’s schedule is the use of rituals.”

Are you getting enough of the right fuel to meet your body’s recovery needs for your sport?

Do you want to peak your performance in your particular sport? It takes understanding what the right fuel for Pre, during and post sport activity is for the optimum recovery of depleted essential nutrients. Did you know that they have done studies on the timing of post exercise meals and that if you do not consume the proper ration of macro and micro-nutrients that you can lose up to 66% absorption to restore energy stores in your muscles. Also the wrong combination of Carbohydrates , protein and fats will lower a man’s testosterone which is an anabolic or a growth factor.We are going to keep this Very basic because this topic is a big one.

There are two main systems that create energy in your body that we are going to briefly explain.

  1. Aerobic which uses the oxygen we breath to create energy.
  2. Anaerobic makes energy with out the use of oxygen.

They both create energy during different times in the specific sport activity. Anaerobic kicks in in short burst of energy…and aerobic…is more an endurance energy system.

Got energy?In aerobic organisms(humans), the citric acid cycle is part of a metabolic pathway involved in the chemical conversion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into carbon dioxide and water to generate a form of usable energy. Other relevant reactions in the pathway include those in glycolysis and pyruvate oxidation before the citric acid cycle, antioxidative phosphorylation after it if you want to get more technical you can look it up.

Ok lets talk about the basics of your new ritual now.

I am going to give you the Pre-exercise, During exercise and post exercise fluid and supplement recommendation for Rugby or football players.These athletes are mostly anaerobic in their sport short intense burst of energy.

Recommendations are specific to gender, age, weight, level of performance and other specific needs. I am going to make up a person as a general example.


Age: 26

Weight: 176 lbs

Goal: Get faster

Medical history: No medical history

Sport :Rugby/Football

Fluid and supplement recommendation


  • 120 grams of carbs 2 hours before event. (About 1 cup of uncooked long grain brown rice=143 grams of carbs=685 calories)
  • 16 ounces of water with your whole food meal
  • 16 ounces of water with creatine 1-1.5 hours before event
  • Sip on a carbohydrate drink (Gatorade) until game time

During exercise

  • Sip on a carbohydrate solution ( Gatorade and mix a little pedialyte electrolytes 3:1 ratio)

What are electrolytes?

Potassium, sodium and chloride are minerals known as electrolytes. In the body, they are vital for proper cell function and growth.
For example, sodium helps your body absorb liquid and retain the liquid that you absorb. These electrolytes are often lost during episodes of intense exercise.

Post exercise

  • Drink 8 oz every 20 minutes for 2 hours.
  • Drink a water with 20 grams of protein/glutamine/creatine  solution within 30 minutes. I recommend and personally use this kind>>> Bioplex protein with glutamine is great to balance Nitrogen in your muscles which will keep them growing or not being used for energy!
  • Take your Multi vitamins, antioxidants, BCAA/optional building block of protein for recovery

Well these are general guidelines you can follow when creating your own ritual.

Some other things to consider when recovering is hydrotherapy, massage, ice, and good rest.

If you need help designing an exercise program and dial your sport nutrition then contact me.

Well I hope that gives you a better idea of how to optimize your performance through the right timing of supplements.

Thank you for your time and energy….Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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How to stay active with your kids using fun nostalgic outdoor games!Who said physical activity had to be boring!!

Do you have time to exercise with your busy family life?

A great way to engage your children is to play a fun outdoor game. You may have a few games you remember playing as a child. I am going to suggest a few ideas to stir up your creative game juices.

I think with the age of the computer and other technology we have really lost touch with enjoying being active outside. It is important to lead by example with your children by getting in your daily physical activity.

Here is a list of games you can play…you can always make up your own too.

  1. Tag; Playing tag is a great way to be active!!…If you want to change it up you can try freeze tag or tunnel tag! Or you can make up your own rules.
  2. Capture The Flag; This is one of my favorite games to play outside!  To play this game you will need 4 or more people(the more the merrier!), two flags, and a LARGE area (preferably a large park or grassy area) . Ok now that you got everything for the game lets talk about how to play. Split up into two teams and create a middle line and  outer boundaries. Each team has 5 minutes to hide their flag (has to be visible). After 5 minutes , come back to the center boundary and give the other team a hint(can be easy or hard as you decide). The purpose of the game is to find the other teams flag and bring it back to your own side. If you get tagged while on the other teams side, you will be put into jail( some where on the other teams side). A member from your team can free you by tagging you. If you get tagged while you have the flag, you go to jail and the flag goes back to where it originally was. your team wins if they successfully bring the flag back to their own side without getting tagged.
  3. Hacky Sack; This game is surprisingly difficult but, really fun. you will need two or more people, hacky sack, bean bag or soccer ball. The object of this game is to keep the object in the air and you can use any part of your body, foot , leg, shoulder, head,..etc. Every one should try and touch the object at least twice before passing on.!! woo hoo now where having fun!!
  4. Four Square; I personal love playing this game! It re quires a ball, 4 or more people, an area of concrete or other hard surface, sidewalk chalk or masking tape. Ok lets talk about how to play…Draw a large square with the sides of at least four feet( use chalk or masking tape but what ever you have) and divide the square into four equal squares. Make a circle around the lines that meet in the center. Number the squares on through four. Place one player in or just behind  each square and line up any additional players behind square one. Serve the ball from  square four by bouncing it in your square and then hitting it into another square. You’re fine if the ball lands in another square or if someone hits it before it bounces into a square. Return the ball any time it bounces in your square by hitting it and bouncing it into another square. Go the the end of the line behind square one  if any of the following things happen: The ball you hit goes outside the boundaries without bouncing or being touched, if a ball bounces in your square and you can’t hit it, or if a ball you hit lands in the circle  in the center. Move up as other players miss and have to go to the end of the line. Win the game by making it to the fourth square and staying there longer than anyone else. That brings back memories of recess in grade school….
  5. Dance Off; Oh yeah…hear the beat? To play you will need two or more people and music. The rules are really simple. First stand in a circle and start the music. One person starts off with a dance move and everyone else follows. The next person repeats the first move and adds a new move. The  next person repeats both moves and adds a new one. The continues until one person doesn’t successfully complete the dance routine….Now your moving!

Well that’s all I got. Who said that being physically active had to be boring!

Please pass this on to all of your friends and family’s. Also if you are a local Bellingham resident this is a great resource for you! Check it out!

Thank you for your time and energy…Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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“Today Is Another Day To Do The Things You Did Not Do The Day Before” Exercise Is Daily Medicine Did You Get Yours?

This blog post is for all of the people who start an exercise program and quit. You can start again tomorrow!

“Today Is Another Day To Do The Things You Did Not Do The Day Before” J.H.

What I have repeatedly  learned working with hundreds of clients  is that when people start exercising , eating right, getting good sleep, and chosing more healthy behaviors it is all or none. A true lifestyle change takes time and has some room for estimated noncompliance or adherence to their regimen. The true KEY to success in your lifestyle change is persistence and the understanding that you are going to have good exercise days, bad exercise days and no exercise days.

Lets say that you have set up your new health and exercise routine that includes nutrition, weight training , stretching, cardiovascular conditioning. Here are some suggestions  to make your new health and exercise routine a life time commitment.

Nutrition is a big part of your success in better health. If you are eating 90% clean whole food that is not processed or packaged then that is great! You are going to have days where you might indulge in food you would not usually and that is ok as long as you watch your portion sizes. I tell people who have an indulging snack every now and then that it is not going to wreck their good eating habits but, to just moderate the portion size and enjoy what they are craving. I always suggest pick fruit as a snack since it is sweetness that is often times what people are really craving. Remember to just get back to your normal whole food eating diet and make that the staple to your habit. Making little changes can go along way.

Weight training ;We have all been there some time or another where we started a weight lifting program and just kinda petered out. The secret to weight training is start slow…No really maybe start with one set per exercise…and go easy on the weight. Some days lifting weights is going to feel harder than others so adjust your workout to your energy levels….you can always just do one set fifteen repetitions for maintenance. If you miss a day don’t worry about it just start again the next day! As you gain strength you will want to naturally want to push your self more.

Stretching is important to keep your joints healthy and to keep you muscles at the right length to function properly. We tend to blow off stretching in an exercise routine because it is boring and a little time-consuming. I have found the best way to get in stretching is just to do it throughout the day. If I am standing around I will do a calf stretch or bend over and touch my toes…and making stretching more part of my day rather than save all my stretches for a particular time. Always remember a little stretching goes a long if you don’t have time just hold the stretches for less time. If you can not get stretching in daily then start with every other day.

Cardiovascular; Your cardiovascular health builds as you get into a daily routine. Most people can consistently get in 3-5 days of cardio and at least 10-30 minutes a day. If you are having trouble motivating your self try my trick. I put my running shoes on and get out the door and have to do at least 5 minutes…if after 5 minutes I still do not want to run I stop. 90% of the time I keep running once I get out on the trail. Music helps too. You can also do less than you have planned for the day; if you are supposed to do 30 minutes but you only have 15 minutes just do 15 minutes so you stay in the habit.

So we now know that if we fall off from our commitment of health and exercise that there are ways to stay on task by doing the minimal amount to accomplish the beneficial behavior  and to stay in habit.  You can never fail at any of the task you have at hand if you have another day to try again  this is what I tell my clients “Today Is Another Day To Do The Things You Did Not Do The Day Before”  Because gaining better health needs to be sustainable and is a life time process. You can never fail if you adopt this mantra.Tomorrow is another day to start! Get started today.

Well I hope this helps to put perspective on the goal of achieving health and fitness and how we can make our goals realistic and adaptable. You have a life time for your body to change. If you need help putting a health and exercise prescription contact me at

Thank you for your time and energy …..Be well

Jaime J. Hernandez

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Gaining health is translating your desire to change into action.Are you ready to change?

Gaining health requires the right knowledge, skills, and motivation to make lifelong sustainable changes.

To translate your desire into action it takes understanding where you are at related to  commitment.

According to most exercise community’s there are about 5 stages of change.

  1. Precontemplation- The precontemplation stage is where you have not really thought about changing a healthy behavior and do not plan on changing your daily habits for at least six months and you do not think you need to change.
  2. Contemplation- The contemplation stage is where you have finally gotten around to seriously think about making a change in your lifestyle to gain better health; Stop unhealthy behaviors and are planning to change in the next six months.
  3. Preparation-The preparation stage is where you have made some plans to change and are taking action within the next month to six weeks.
  4. Action-The action stage is about six months after you start your healthy life style program and is the peak of your motivation and investment of time. This stage has the highest rate of unhealthy life style relapse. I always say” today is another day to do the things I did not do the day before” so if you do not do the right thing everyday you can always start again the next day.
  5. Maintenance- The maintenance stage is after the six month of the action stage. The longer you are in the maintenance stage the less risk of unhealthy behavior relapse. Maintenance is more about your lifestyle change and keeping up with your proactive health program.

Now that you know the different stages pick which stage you are in. Depending on the stage you are in will determine what actions you need to take next.

If you are reading this blog you are at least in the contemplative stage.

Here are some basic strategies to help you move forward toward your health and fitness goals.

  • If you do something toward your health and fitness goals reward your self with some thing positive like a massage
  • It helps to have support and motivation so find your self a cardio buddy
  • Have your close friend or spouse support you in your healthy behavior changes
  • Make your workouts enjoyable by listening to music
  • Use affirmations to help reinforce positive attitude and behaviors
  • Set up goals like a 1,2,3 mile walk or run

Well I hope that helps you get started down the road to better health and wellness.

If you would like a Health and Exercise Prescription™ tailored for you and your goals then please contact me.

Thank you for your time and energy….Be well

Jaime J. Hernandez

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Body Shop Part Three of The Series :Weight Management 101

What are some of the rules to weight management?

Understanding how to control your calories is the most important thing to learn for weight management.

Weight management 101 Three main categories

  • Surplus; if you eat more calories than your  body burns during your daily activities. Your body stores the calories as fat, weight gain occurs.
  • Maintenance; if you eat the same amount of calories you burn in a day. Your weight stays the same.
  • Deficit; if you eat fewer calories than your body needs for activities. Your body uses the stored calories(fat) , weight loss occurs.

To burn one pound of body fat you must create a deficit of 3,500 calories from diet and or exercise.

I will give you a general amount of calories burned for common activities. If you weight 155-189 this is generally how many calories you burn an hour.

  • Fast walking (4 mph)                              281 calories
  • Jogging (5.2mph)                                    663 calories
  • Bicycling                                                    493 calories
  • Elliptical                                                    352 calories
  • Stairmaster                                              442 calories
  • Hatha yoga                                               281 calories
  • Strength training                                     250 calories

Well I hope this is helpful in setting your daily activity goals to burn unwanted body fat.

If you need help putting together a Health and Exercise Prescription contact me.

Thanks for your time and energy….Be well

Jaime Hernandez

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