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Body Shop “Killer Abs” Demystified? Got Great Abs?

Hello Readers

Bathing suit season is approaching fast. It is time to get your abs stronger and looking good:)

Great abs is definitely a lot of work but, well worth it.

Lets first look at the basic anatomy of  abdominal muscles that we will be using to “Shred our abs” (with an infomercial like emphasis :)giggles.).As you can see there are four different muscles that we need to hit to get your abs looking good.

  1. Transverse abdominal   This is your inner most unit and has a co-contractor called multifidus which helps stabilize your spinal segments. This muscle generally automatically works for all the time.(but injury can lead to dysfunction of this inner unit.) 
  2. External obliques  Specific exercise =Side lying crunches
  3. Internal obliques   Specific exercise=Twisting crunch
  4. Rectus abdominis Specific exercise=Straight and reverse crunch

Most people just do one or two types of crunches. It really takes hitting your abs from different angles to get a good workout.  Oblique means 45 Degree angle so the external and internal obliques are doing to different things; External obliques pull you side to side and internal obliques do more of a twisting motion. Rectus abdominis is what people call “6 pack” and attaches to your pubic bone and runs up your belly to the bottom of the ribs. Your transverse abdominal muscle wraps around you like a girdle ,around the ribs into the back, pubic bone and hips.

When you are exercising these muscles the goal is to put stress in the direction of the muscle(cells) to make them work to their maximum potential. So that means going through the full range of motion with all of the abdominal exercises. Your abs are an endurance muscle and so it takes a lot of exercise at the right resistance to make them hypertrophy or gain muscle. To start you can do at least 2-3 sets at 20 reps daily.Your diet is 70% of gaining muscle and losing body fat.

Well this should help to demystify your ab workouts,…. and now you know the facts. Don’t believe the hype in all of the magazines your read…”Exercise is a science”.

If you need any help putting together a complete plan contact me.

Thank you for your time and energy…be well

Jaime Hernandez

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